Timber Fence Care and Maintenance

Timber Fence Care and Maintenance

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There are many different types of fences that can be built, whether it is for security, aesthetic purposes or both, it is important to correctly care for your new fence. A timber fence can look great brand new (depending on the timber used and experience of the installer) but you still have to take the time to correctly maintain it to ensure you get the most out of your new timber fence.

Timber Selection

Timber selection is the first step in the maintenance of your fence. It is vital that the quality of timber used to construct your fence is of a satisfactory level. We recommend using no.1 grade timber materials and quality galvanized fittings. The grade of timber used will not only visually improve the look of your fence but help with the longevity of your fence. Better quality timber, better quality finish. If you chose Pro Fence to install your fence then we have already used the best materials for the job. Always ensure that your timber is treated to minimum standards for outdoor use.


If your fence/deck is new you may not need to clean the surface, however if you are restoring or maintaining an existing fence or deck then cleaning the surface prior to finishing is vital. Use a suitable exterior timber preparation product that will remove mildew, dirt and graying that is caused by exposure to the sun. Once properly cleaned you are now ready to apply a paint or stain if desired.


Stain: Staining your fence provides a different finish than painting. Stain is absorbed into the timber and leaves a semi transparent finish allowing the natural beauty of the timber to show.

Paining: Painting your fence shows the texture of your timber but hides the grain. Painting offers the most protection from the elements and less maintenance than staining or no finish at all.

You can talk to one of our specialists who can advise on the best colors that will work with your timber job. They can also recommend whether staining or painting is best for you.

We can provide the materials for you to do it yourself or complete the entire job for you from start to finish.

Ongoing Maintenance

Regular maintenance of timber decks and fences is vital to minimize deterioration. Timber is a natural product which can fade, twist and warp without the right care and maintenance. Depending on the type of timber you have installed, and what type of finish you have applied will determine how often you will need to maintain it. Our installers can offer you advice on this.

Our Services

At Pro Fence we can provide everything from installation to restoration. Our team can install your fence, deck or gate, paint or stain them to the required finish or supply you with the materials to finish the fence at your leisure.

  • Installation of timber Decks and Fences

  • Aluminum/Steel fencing/Pool fencing

  • Pre-Fabricated fence panels

  • Retaining walls

  • Feature fences and trellis

  • Internal gates, Driveway gates & automated gates

  • Painting or staining

  • Restoration of existing fences or decks

  • Paint or stain available for purchase as well as timber cleaning product

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