Timber Fencing Tips

Timber is the most affordable fencing option. To be sure you get the most from your timber fence ensure you ask your installer what grade timber they are using and if the posts are to be concreted.

Pro tips for timber fencing

  • Use No.1 Grade timber where possible (Less knots and less prone to warping)

  • Posts holes and concrete to a fixed level depending on fence height

  • Use galvanised nails and fittings to avoid rust

  • Ensure underground timber is H4 treated and all above ground timber is H3 treated for weather protection and durability

Be sure to check the above construction techniques when comparing quotes with other suppliers. The above specifications are standard operating procedures for a Pro Fence.

Why choose a timber fence - Pro's?

  • Affordable. One of the cheapest options for fencing

  • Custom designs and decorative

  • Privacy

  • Containment

  • Noise reduction

Cons of a timber fence?

  • Maximum life of approximately 10 years

  • Requires staining or painting for best results

  • Prone to graffiti in some areas


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